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Sustainability criteria

Taxi Lluís Torrents is committed to sustainable management as the core value of our activity. It is our commitment to meet new challenges and needs arising from changes in trends and activities. For this reason we establish, in the management of our activity, the concept of sustainable development as an instrument that relates the socio-cultural, environmental and economic aspects, thus seeking the satisfaction of our users as well as that of the local community. In the framework of this commitment, we have a responsible management policy and we carry out a series of good practices.

From 2005 until 2018, Taxi Lluís Torrents has been recognized for the quality of the service carried out, obtaining an annual certification of quality SICTED in the tourist destination.

In 2019, aware of the need to collaborate in a better world and act at the local level, it has the European Biosphere accreditation, which implies an action that respects the environment and the environment.

Within our policy, we notify the customer of the shortest routes or the least expense and / or impact they entail. We offer the possibility, in association with other taxi drivers of 9 seats, as well as bus transport companies in the region, to make trips for larger groups and thus reduce the cost and the ecological footprint.


Economic, inclusive and sustainable growth:

We collaborate with entities of the Osona region promoting sustainable local businesses. Sustainable tourism with Osona Turisme and we encourage the purchase of local products with Fetaosona.

We collaborate in campaigns and with entities with social and socio-sanitary purposes.We participate in the social life of the community collaborating in local parties.

Efficient use of resources, environmental protection and climate change:

We work to minimize the waste we produce. To save paper, we do billing by email and also electronic invoicing.We carry out the corresponding controls, maintenance and revisions to ensure the correct functioning of the vehicle and minimize emissions in the atmosphere.

Cultural values, diversity and heritage.

We respect the local sorting criteria.We offer our clients information on different cultural proposals, local excursions, gastronomy and product, among others.

Customer safety

We have all the necessary security measures in the vehicle and we inform our customers of the obligatory use of the seatbelt, and the seat in the children.

Satisfaction and loyalty

We have protocols to ensure the correct provision of the service.

We have plans for cleaning, preventive maintenance and first aid.

We help the elderly or with mobility difficulties users of the taxi service that require accompaniment in their management.

We have implemented a system to handle complaints and suggestions from customers.

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